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Our Proven Unique Powerful Tested Technology is Your Unfair Advantage

Since 1996 this technology was ONLY available through systems built for direct sales companies themselves. Over the past 20+ years we worked with over 70 network marketing companies and served more than 20 million system users in 163 countries!

We literally pioneered the industry.

But now the tables have turned. We've stopped building company systems... and have become distributors ourselves. We've created the most powerful and complete marketing system ever... a true Unfair Advantage available EXCLUSIVELY to the 2 Minute Tools team!

Bulletproof Systems Professional Grade

Custom Built

This is no generic platform. The system was specifically tailored around this exact product and business.

Hyper Duplicatible

Your team will expand with lightening speed, due to the intuitive power and viral nature of the system.

Automated Marketing

We've perfected the marriage between technology and relationship marketing to multiply your personal effort.

Uncompromising Tools

Powerful tools provide you everything you need, and nothing you don't (avoids unnecessary complications).

We're serious about raising the bar for the entire industry... and showing the world what's possible through the meticulous merging of technology and relationship marketing. And YOU have the opportunity to position yourself as part of that momentum!


Network marketing experts


They can't be wrong


Global market experience


The 2 Minute Tools team

Free Really Means Free

We're tired of watching people cobble together so-called "systems" with questionable value... only to SELL it to their downline. Seriously... if you had a system that REALLY worked, and truly empowered the little guy to be successful... wouldn't you want you ENTIRE team to have it?!?

We've put our money where our mouth is.

Because this system is the real deal, we're providing it at NO COST to our team. For decades people have paid over $50/month for a fraction of what's included here. But as part of the 2 Minute Tools team you get it all 100% free and so will everyone on your team... to infinity... forever.

Your Competitive Edge Sorry, Life's Not Fair!

The Perfect System

Business is about relationships. Automated marketing (done right) is all about enhancing the traditional business building activities the industry's been based on for decades, not replacing them! But technology can automate important steps and provide consistency to the sales message, making it instantly duplicatible by each new team member!

There is no silver bullet... no get-rich quick... and you still have to actually talk to people, LOL! But with a system perfectly designed to support the exact business building process needed for your specific product and business it dramatically increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the traditional steps.


A Natural Approach


Let the System Sell


You're Never Alone


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Tools To ROCK Your World!

Think you've heard it before, right? Well you've NEVER seen anything like this, just look for yourself! And while these marketing tools are extremely powerful, each one was designed specifically to promote this product... this business. These are not generic tools that have simply had a branding skin slapped on them. This is the REAL deal.

Social Media Library

Stunning professional grade media will help you take your social network posting and sharing viral.

Training Videos

Step by step training videos and hands-on team support from some of the best leaders in the entire industry.


PDF Print Materials

Professional hi-res print materials, customized to drive traffic and promote your specific system website.

Verified Seal

You've got bragging rights! Copy & paste a small code into your websites, and show off your system muscle.

Social Media Library

You'll look like a pro! Ever seen people go out on to social media and post a bunch of spammy looking hype about their business? Sure you have... and it NEVER works. We make you look good, by providing a full portfolio of beautiful images, photos, and videos... and teach you how to use them to promote your business. You'll turn some heads with this content, and create curiosity and interest in your business.

Perhaps most important, your new team members are able to easily launch their business in a professional way the instant they enroll... without having to waste time learning every detail about the business!

Each image has been custom designed to promote your business (not stolen from some other website or business!) The system automatically codes each one to link back to your own self-replicated system sites, helping you drive crazy traffic into your funnel. Post them on social media, your own websites, or use them in your own printed materials.

We provide you virtually unlimited ammunition for building your business! There is a complete set of media materials for each of your system websites. Go ahead... take a look at a few examples right here!

Free Samples

Post and link these images to your free samples website at http://FreeMiracleGel.com/[username]

Tap your very own Unfair Advantage!

You'll never be alone as part of the 2 Minute Tools team...

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PDF Print Materials

We want you lookin' good! There are scores of people who just post a bunch of junk online and call it a business. You'll stand out by having a complete portfolio of professional quality print materials including business cards, flyers, postcards, pop-up banners, and anything else you need... We've got you covered! With the click a button you can instantly generate hi-res PDF files personalized with your contact information. Take the files to your favorite print service and you'll be looking like a million bucks!

In this digital age, people really appreciate when you put something physical in their hand. And there's no better way to drive offline traffic into your online system than to hand someone a polished card that draws attention to the professionalism of your brand. Not to mention... the competitive edge and Unfair Advantage you're able to offer them through the same system!

Want to see how it works? Select the document from the list below and click the button!

Business Cards

Business Card - 2MT Orange
Business Card - 2MT Orange (back)
Business Card - 2MT White
Business Card - 2MT White (back)
Business Card - FMG
Business Card - FMG (back)
Business Card - TMG
Business Card - TMG (back)

Other Materials

Car Magnet - FMG (12" x 24")
Car Magnet - TMG (12" x 24")
Banner - FMG (2.5' x 10')
Banner - TMG (2.5' x 10')
Sample Mailer (4.25' x 11')
Sample Mailer (inside) (4.25' x 11')

The clock is ticking... Make the call!

You've never experienced business success like this before!

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Verified Seal

You've got bragging rights! As a 2 Minute Tools member you have an explosively powerful marketing system at your fingertips... so go on... tell the world!

People recognize a powerful system when they see one. We're taking the industry by storm... the buzz is huge and growing everyday. The opportunity for this business is exploding, but many will do their homework before deciding who they will enroll with. The advantages available to 2 Minute Tools members have not gone unnoticed by the market. By promoting yourself as a member, you are validating to prospects that by enrolling with you, they will have access to the same powerful systems and tools.

Beyond all of the self-replicating sites you get from the system, if you have other websites or blogs you can copy and paste a tiny code snippet and your 2 Minute Tools verified seal will appear. It will display your name and rank achieved. When they click on it, a pop-up will open that talks about your amazing product/business, and then links them to your self-replicating system sites. Yet another way to draw attention and drive traffic into your system!

We've thought of everything! Displaying the seal can be an effective recruiting tool that differentiates your business from other opportunities...

What more do you need? We've got it all!

Stop pinching yourself and come join all of the fun...

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Optimized for Mobile Devices ...too!

The 2 Minute Tools system is designed to fit into your existing life...

Cross Platform Compatibility

Fully functional on all types of devices: desktop, tablets, and mobile.

Intelligent Proactive Reminders

You define your commitment and the system will direct your activities.